Our extensions give a wonderful natural look and they will feel as natural as the hair that mother nature gave you but it will need more care to keep it looking it’s best.

Preparing for your appointment

On the day:

– Wash your hair, preferably with a clarifying shampoo that removes all residue from your hair.

– Do not use any conditioner. This may effect the quality of the bond.

– Do not apply any styling products.

– Make sure your hair is parted in the place where you would like it to stay. The placing of your extensions depends on this and you will not be able to change your parting once they are in place.

– Do not use any styling products. Again these may interfere with the quality of the bonds.

– If you usually straighten your hair, if at all possible, please make sure that your hair is straightened before you come to your appointment.


– Once your extensions are in place, please wait at least 24 hours before washing your hair.

– Always brush your hair with a soft bristle brush or a tangle tweezer to avoid dislodging the bonds.

– Wash your hair regularly. The products that you use on your hair, perspiration and even your hair’s own natural oils can cause the bonds to soften.

– Always wash your hair after exercise and after swimming.

– Never wash your hair extensions with your head tipped upside down.

– Always wash your hair in the shower, never the bath.

How to shampoo your extensions.

– Apply a generous amount of shampoo to wet hair.

– Lather the shampoo into your scalp using an up and down zigzag motion.

– You will need to pay particular attention to the bonds and the hair underneath the bonds.

– Once you have lathered your scalp, apply more shampoo to the lengths of your hair in adownwards motion stroking the hair from root to tip.

– Rinse your hair thoroughly.

– Squeeze to remove excess water.

How to condition your extensions.

Your extensions will not benefit from the moisture provided by your hair’s natural oils. For this reason you will need to condition them regularly with a good quality moisturizing conditioner.

However, although you need to condition your extensions, you will not be able to condition the hair close to your scalp as it may soften the bonds holding your extensions in place and cause them to fall out. For this reason, you may apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of your hair and extensions. Never to your scalp or to the areas around the bonds.

– Once your hair is washed and excess water has been removed, pull the hair to the back of your neck as if you were about to tie it into a low pony tail.

– Holding your hair in one hand, smooth your conditioner down the lengths of the hair with the other hand.

– Leave the conditioner on your hair for a few minutes.

– Rinse carefully and then squeeze out excess moisture as before.

Drying your Extensions

– Do not rub your hair dry with a towel. Instead, pat your hair gently.

– Comb through your wet hair using a wide toothed comb or tangle tweezer.

– Use a hairdryer to dry your hair thoroughly as soon as possible after washing. Leaving your hair wet will cause the bonds to swell and ultimately crumble.

– Dry the bonds first and ensure that they are completely dry.

– Do not allow the hairdryer to make the bonds too hot.

– Do not dry your hair upside down.

– Dry the lengths of your hair until they are about 80% dry. It is important that you direct the airflow down the shaft of the hair away from your scalp in order to avoid tangling and create a smoother appearance to the hair.

– Once the lengths are about 80% dry, divide your hair into sections. Each section of your hair should be placed over a round or paddle brush and the hairdryer and brush should travel down the lengths of your hair together. Work through the sections of your hair from the bottom to the top until your hair is completely dry.


– You will need to use a brush that glides over your bonds rather than pulling on them. We recommend a soft bristle brush or a tangle tweezer. You may use any brush that you are comfortable with to brush the lengths of your hair but we still advise a gentle approach.

– Always hold your hair when brushing. This helps to prevent the hair brush pulling on your extensions, your natural hair or your scalp.

– Work through your hair in sections and always work gently. Always start at the bottom of your head and at the bottom of your hair. Work your way through your hair in sections until you reach the top of your head.

– Make sure that you brush over all of the bonds and your scalp everyday. Lift up the top sections of hair as well in order to brush underneath them. This will help to prevent the roots of your hair becoming matted.

– Only use a wide toothed comb or tangle tweezer on wet hair. Brush or comb your hair in small sections starting at the ends of the hair and increasing the length of your stroke as the hair is gently untangled.

– Do not use a comb over the bonds themselves, it will pull on the bonds, potentially pulling out the extensions and your own hair with it!

– Never backcomb your hair with extensions in place. The matting that this causes is difficult, even impossible to remove.

– Though you may use products such as hairspray or mousse on the lengths of your hair and hair extensions, do not allow the product to come into contact with the bonds as it may cause them to soften.

– Take care when using heated appliances like straighteners and curling tongs. it will be important to prevent them from coming into contact with the bonds. The heat of these kinds of styling tools may cause the bonds to melt and stick together.

General Care advice

– When you go to bed wear your hair in a loose plait or pony tail, this should help to prevent excess tangling.

– It is very important to make sure that you separate the extensions at the root with your fingers so that they hang separately. This will help to prevent any matting from developing.

– Should you choose to wear your hair up, try not to tie it too tightly. If you pull too hard on the bonds it may cause excess tension in your natural hair.

– Wear your hair up when swimming whether that is in a pool or in the sea. Try to keep your hair out of the water as much as possible.

– Avoid using saunas and steam rooms. The excess heat may cause the bonds to soften.

– Take extra care of your hair on holiday. Keep it very clean, try to keep it out of the water and try to prevent the bonds from overheating.

Possible causes of soft bonds.

– Using the wrong type of shampoo.

– Not shampooing thoroughly all over the scalp and around the bonds.

– Applying conditioner to the bonds.

– Washing hair with overly hot water.

– Not drying hair immediately after washing.

– Not drying the bonds thoroughly enough after exposure to water.

– Not washing hair often enough.

– Excess perspiration either due to hot weather or exercise. Hair must be washed immediately after exercise and regularly while abroad.

– Having your hairdryer set to too high a setting while drying your bonds.

– The bonds coming into contact with styling products and hair dyes.

– Exposure to excessive heat and moisture such as might be encountered in steam rooms and saunas.

– Consistently allowing the bonds to become wet or damp, for instance through swimming.

– Wearing hats or helmets.


Regular trips back to the salon will help to keep your extensions looking their best. We recommend that you visit your stylist at least once every ten weeks. If you leave it longer between visits, it is possible that any damage done will not be easily rectified and your look may not be possible to maintain.

Hold onto any strands that fall between appointments with your stylist. They will be able to reattach them for you at your next visit.


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