Will the hair extensions damage my natural hair?

The short answer is NO. The extensions that we use are designed to be kind to natural hair. We don’t use any nasty chemicals or glues. As long you take good care of your hair and your extensions, your own hair will continue to grow naturally and be as strong as ever.

How long does my natural hair have to be in order to for the extensions to be successfully attached?

This is not an easy question to answer. We won’t fit you with hair extensions if we don’t think that the finished style will look natural. All sorts of factors may effect how possible it will be to create a natural looking style from the length of your hair, to your current style, to the thickness of your hair.

If you send us a photo, we will take a look and let you know our honest opinion.

Will you be able to color match my hair?

Yes, yes and yes. We have a very large range of colors available and can even blend more than one to create a better match to any highlights or lowlights.

How long will my extensions be?

The locks that we hold in stock vary in length from 18” to 22”. If you wish for a shorter style, we can, of course, cut the extensions to match your requirements.

How are the extensions attached?

We use a locking method that attaches a very small lock of long natural hair to a few strands of your own hair. The locks clamp flat and are fitted approximately one cm away from the root of your hair in order to allow your hair to continue growing naturally.

I like my cut but my hair is very thin, can I just add volume?

Absolutely. If we use a half, rather than a full head of extensions, we can easily add volume to your existing style without adding anything to the length of your hair.

Can I use extensions to create color effects in my hair?

Yes you can. We have a tremendous range of colours available in stock and you can combine them in any way you wish. You can even use extensions just to create highlights or lowlights rather than using hair dye if, for instance, you are allergic and can’t use it. If you wish to create highlights, we would recommend that you use only a half or partial head of extensions.

Do you cut and style the extensions? Or just attach them?

Absolutely! We don’t just leave you with a head of extensions and expect you to book into the hairdresser to finish the job. When you leave us, you’ll be picture perfect.

How long will it take for me to have my extensions fitted?

A full head of extensions can take up to 3 hours and a half head is likely to take about 2 hours.

This includes cutting, styling and even your transformation photos.

Will you be able to see the difference between my natural hair and the extensions?

We will work hard to make sure that the extensions we use in your hair will be a perfect match for the colour and texture of your hair. We pride ourselves on creating a style that looks completely natural. If we’re not 100% confident that we can make your extensions look like they are all yours, we won’t fit them.

What will the extensions feel like? Will they be heavy or make my head feel sore?

Your extensions may feel odd for a little while. It usually takes a couple of days and a couple of washes for you to get used to them. They shouldn’t, however, feel heavy or make your head feel sore any more than simply having longer and thicker hair would do. We all differ with regard to scalp sensitivity though, some of us will barely notice them and others will take a while to feel completely comfortable.

How long will my extensions last?

How long your extensions last depends on a number of factors, how well you take care of them being just one of those! They can last for as long as a year but the average is around nine months

How are extensions removed?

The locks that hold your extensions to your hair can be unlocked just as easily. They simply open and slide away from your hair. No nasty chemicals are used to attach your extensions and no nasty chemicals are needed to take them away.

If I like my extensions can I keep them in? Do I need to rest my hair between sets of extensions? Or can I just change from one set to another?

In theory, there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t keep wearing extensions indefinitely. The bonding method we use is very gentle and should cause no damage to your hair whatsoever.

Everyone’s hair is different however and a number of factors may effect the condition of your hair while you have your extensions in. If we think your hair would benefit from a break, we will let you know.

Can I color my hair while wearing extensions?

You can definitely have your T section coloured to touch up your roots as your extensions will be attached a good cm beneath your roots. We would suggest caution if you chose to colour your whole head of hair however. We would not be able to guarantee how well the extensions would take the dye or how the chemicals in the hair dye would effect the bonds holding the extensions in place.

Will I be able to wear my hair up?

Yes. In fact we recommend it if you are planning on going swimming in order to keep your hair out of the water as much as possible. We attach your extensions one inch behind your hair line so that the bond will not show at all if the hair is swept back.

A few strands of my hair have fallen out with a strand of my extensions/while removing my extensions. Has this been caused by the extensions and should I be worried?

Every day we lose about 50-100 strands of our hair as a part of the normal and healthy process of renewal and growth. A lot of the time we don’t even notice. Because your extensions are attached to small sections of your hair they can trap lengths of hair in place that would otherwise have fallen out and disappeared. When an extension is removed or detaches itself we may, therefore, notice some of these fallen hairs coming loose at the same time. It really is nothing at all to worry about and is certainly not caused by the extensions.

What kind of training and experience do you have?

We are all fully qualified and insured and we have worked exclusively with extensions for many years. There is nothing about hair extensions that we don’t know. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

You seem to work with a lot of celebrities. That’s a little intimidating. Do you treat all your clients the same?

Absolutely. You are all stars to us and we treat all our clients like VIPs regardless of what they do for a living or how well known they are.

I’m transgender/transsexual. Will you work with my hair?

Of course we will! Our only concern will be whether your natural hair is long enough to attach the extensions successfully.


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