Mobile Extensions

We fit your extensions professionally at home

Full Service

We offer a complete range of hair services and our hair extension prices include cutting and styling as well. We are a top choice in the field of hair extensions and have been involved with hairdressing for decades which helps us serve the best experience in the market.


We take pride in our expertise and can match any hair colour flawlessly through blending or colouring. We believe that matching the extensions to your natural hair is the most critical part to make sure they look as natural as possible.


Complete Hair Stock

We work very closely with our premium hair supplier and keep all kinds of hair in stock. It also makes it convenient for clients to get their hair extension consultation and fitting on the same day because of no stock issues. This makes it convenient to even change your requirement on the same day like adding more hair, a different length or colour etc.


Years of Experience

Our stylists are an extremely passionate team and have decades of experience in their field. They have all spent years in the industry, learning the fine art of applying hair extensions. Our team has a special eye for details & are known perfectionists. In fact, our stylists have been conducting external sessions regularly to teach different methods and have also participated in seminars with industries biggest brand names.


Method Options

We at The Extensionist, appreciate the fact that everyone is different and has different needs when it comes to hair. We offer a range of methods for you to decide and pick the one that suits your lifestyle and hair the most. At the same time, we offer semi-permanent and temporary options also, so that you are spoilt for choice.


Hair Colouring

Hair extensions are our real passion & main expertise but we are also trained hairstylists. We also offer other hair related services which gives you a one-stop solution. For example – you can get your roots done and at the same time get your hair extensions re-applied. This is sure to save all your precious time & effort in going to different places for your hair.


Hair Extensions is all we do

While we do offer other hair services, hair extensions is our forte and we love doing it everyday! A lot many hairdressers usually offer hair extensions as an add-on service for their repeat clients whereas for us, hair extensions is an area we specialise in. Working with so many clients & doing extensions along different requirements, sets us apart from other salons mainly because of our vast experience in this area.



We also pamper you with a VIP service, which means we come to you if you cannot come to us & that too for a very small fee! We can get you the much-wanted hair makeover right in the comfort of your own home, just in case you have trouble getting to us or getting a babysitter or when you simply just want to be pampered without leaving the house.



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